Zero Hour

Nov 1, 2021
Zero Hour
Command & Conquer - Generals: Zero Hour is a video game that I played back in high school. It's a real-time strategy game about building a military base, training army units, and controlling them to destroy enemy bases. I had played this over the WiFi network with my dad and brother back in the day. Today, I installed the game on our 3 computers and we played again.
We were on the same time, and faced 4 hard-difficulty AI. We put the starting money at the highest setting, so it wasn't much of a challenge, at least for me. My dad and brother built a line of defense across the center of the map, while I focused on building missile superweapons that could target the enemy anywhere on the battlefield.
My dad was superweapons general and my brother was laser general. They built their version of the Patriot Systems for defense, which could take down any unit with ease. I was GLA spamming SCUD Storms (I had like 20 of them). The AI stood no chance.
It was fun to be playing this game again with my family, which I had played half my lifetime ago.