Jan 18, 2023

Blocked from Zoom meeting

Blocked from Zoom meeting
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Nov 2, 2021
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Yesterday was a BASB mentor training session. One of the hosts accidentally kicked me out of the Zoom meeting while trying to remove a pesky recorder bot that has been following this host around. I was blocked out and couldn't get back in. I was thinking I could find a workaround with some fancy tricks, like using a VPN and running Zoom in a Sandboxed environment. Neither of those worked. So I assume Zoom blocks based on a device fingerprint or a Zoom download ID number. Signing out didn't work. I wonder if re-installing would have worked. But there wasn't time. The host reached out on a chat platform and apologized, and said that they took steps to unblock me. But that still didn't work. So I then tried the Zoom app on my phone (after logging out) and it worked.
I felt naked being on video without my signature virtual background and my headphones and noise-cancelling mic. I work at a standing station, so I got a phone tripod that was within arm's reach and set it up so the room's side wall was my backdrop. It was inconvenient, because I couldn't be at my computer taking notes at the same time. We were doing exercises in a shared slide deck, so I was awkwardly looking away and reaching for my computer to do them.
This state change was novel, and probably ended up causing me to pay closer attention than normal, since I can be distracted by all the open windows on my computer during Zoom meetings.