Why am I critical of things I watch?

Jan 11, 2022
Why am I critical of things I watch?
Since I started my Media Consumption Tracker in Notion to track every movie and TV show episode I watch, I have been writing more to record my impressions, thoughts, and questions about the stories I experience.
If anything, it makes me feel more productive. I always have thoughts about what I’m watching, but forget about them when its over. Now I’m practicing articulating those thoughts into words on the screen. It helps me think more deeply instead of passively consuming.
A pattern I’m finding is that I’m very critical: usually noting down plot holes, or things that don’t make sense, or seem too unrealistic and ruin my suspension of disbelief, or smarter ways to solve problems or use superpowers, etc.
This is definitely influenced by some YouTube content I watch:
  • Honest Trailers - clips from movies (with spoilers) that deconstruct what actually happens in the movie with an epic voice guy to mimic trailer narration
  • Pitch Meetings - humorous skits of what it might have been like when movie writers pitched their movie idea to a producer (both characters played by the same person)
  • CinemaSins - a thorough movie analysis pointing out the mistakes and flaws in movies, with jokes thrown in
  • CinemaWins - Like CinemaSins but with a positive spin to point out the great things about movies, and even give some background information of the hard work that went into it
Thinking about why I’m so critical of what I watch and also critical of myself, I wonder if it’s some way of caring and wanting to be better: by first recognizing flaws, steps can be taken to improve.