Jan 12, 2022

VIEW Connection course

VIEW Connection course
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Jan 12, 2022
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Tonight I completed the Art of Accomplishment - Connection course for the second time.
The first time was last year in March. I was paired up with Charlene Wang. I didn’t know who she was, but when I searched my “second brain” in Roam, I saw I had come across her before in the BASB course. It turned out that we both become mentors in BASB a couple months later.
This time, I volunteered to partner with a guy who had signed up but didn’t have a partner. The structure of the course includes listening to the VIEW episodes of the Art of Accomplishment podcast. Then there are 5 video sessions that we do together on separate days. During the video session, we follow the exercises that are given to practice a VIEW state of mind. Recorded examples are shown before each exercise so we have an idea of what it looks like.
These exercises build in intensity. The first one was to look into each other’s eyes for several minutes. The exercises helped us be more Vulnerable, be Impartial (non-judgmental), show Empathy, and be in Wonder: which is what VIEW is all about. At the end of each session, we would have a VIEW conversation where one partner asks a question prompt, and follows it up with more VIEW how/what questions, while the other partner simply answers. After the timer runs out, we switch roles and do it again.
I talked a little bit about VIEW here
I had forgotten how scary and vulnerable the exercises were. It’s amazing how well they let you connect with a total stranger who you’re doing them with.