Results from first Inside Tracker blood test of biomarkers

Jan 4, 2022
Results from first Inside Tracker blood test of biomarkers
I learned about Inside Tracker from a podcast. This is what I got my blood drawn for previously. They measure certain biomarkers and compare them to healthy values for my age, weight, and sex. Then they give suggestions and strategies based on my diet, exercise activity level, and health goals to improve each metric or keep it optimal. Each metric contains links to scientific studies for further personal research. They suggest getting tested every 3 months to see your progress.
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Some of my first impressions of my results:
  • pleased that my biological inner age is younger than my actual chronological age
    • MCH, Red blood cells, and Calcium each decrease my inner age by 1-1.5 years.
    • Albumin decreases my inner age by 3 years!
  • disappointed that my inner age isn’t younger than it is
    • Lymphocytes, Triglycerides, and HbA1c levels each increase my inner age by 1 year.
  • some anger about my cholesterol being high
    • their suggestion how to lower my borderline high LDL is to decrease use of coconut oil. I have been taking MCT oil daily because I thought it was healthy, but it’s really saturated fat in bottle.
    • My understanding is high LDL isn’t dangerous unless paired with inflammation.
  • panicky about creatine kinase being super high, and it saying I need to consult a doctor
    • I don’t know what that is, so I’ll have to read more about it with the sources they give
  • surprised about some of my other levels being at optimal levels
    • both vitamin B12, vitamin D are good, but lower than I expected since I take supplements for these
    • sodium is also good and lower than expected, seeing as how I add quite a bit of (Himalayan pink) salt to my meals on a daily basis
    • calcium is quite high, even though I don’t consume much milk. I guess it’s from the cheese I’ve gotten addicted to
  • relieved to know more about my body and what areas I can take action to improve