Jan 18, 2023

Got my blood drawn

Got my blood drawn
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Dec 27, 2021
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Today I got my blood drawn for the first time in my life. They stuck a needle in the crevice of my left arm on the opposite side of my elbow. Then they swapped out vials as they filled up with blood, for a total of 6 vials. There was a minor prick when the needle was inserted into my arm, and then it didn’t really hurt.
I feel kinda old saying “I’m getting blood work done.” That’s what my parents had to do when they had health problems. It’s been over a decade since I’ve been in a doctor’s office for health issues, except for that one time I had to go in Japan because I caught chicken pox (for the second time in my life). Even when I had covid or the flu, I just let my body take care of it on its own without medicine.
The reason I got my blood drawn wasn’t for health issues either, but just to be aware of potential issues. I heard about Inside Tracker from a podcast of similarly health-minded guys around my age (the Charlie & Ben podcast). They test the blood for biomarkers and then report the results of healthy levels or deficiencies. I imagine I’m super-healthy, since I take micronutrient supplements and complete meal replacements. But I also don’t have a large variety in my diet, and don’t exercise as intensely as I should. I decided to do this to find areas of my health that can be improved, because I’m not very motivated to do so without a direction.