My daily tiny habits - short term (Part 3)

Nov 8, 2021
My daily tiny habits - short term (Part 3)
New habits that I'm attempting:
  • These daily Ship Its. Have been successful for 3 weeks now!
  • Daily voice recording in Otter, for at least one minute. This is to practice articulating my thoughts out loud.
  • Going outside and getting some sun. This one has been difficult to stay consistent in. My goal is to get sun in the morning, because that helps with sleep and regulating circadian rhythms. But for the past month, I have barely gone out.
  • Readwise reviews. Since I recently started using Readwise, and they have daily reviews in the app for book highlights, I've been trying to keep up a streak in here. I get a daily morning notification. I don't care much if I miss a day for this. It's fun to refresh my memory on what I've read in the past.