My daily tiny habits - medium term (Part 2)

Nov 7, 2021
My daily tiny habits - medium term (Part 2)
  • Everyday I review flashcards for Japanese and Chinese. Not much, something I could knock out in a minute or two. I've been doing this for over a year now.
  • Pushups. This started earlier this year in April, as part of a writing group challenge. I've successfully been doing at least 30 pushups each day.
  • Logging food. I track the food I eat in Roam. It's not as robust as a calorie counter app. I've tried that in Noom, but it's too much hassle. If needed, I could go back and count the calories in Roam with estimated portions. I'm not even making much use of this data. But what gets measured can get improved. Simply being mindful how often I eat certain foods helps decrease intake of junk.
  • I have a set morning routine. When I was younger, I wouldn't make my bed. My lounge clothes and pajamas were the same. But there is something to the ritual of making my bed and changing into separate, even if similar, clothes. It clears a space in my head, and anchors the day. There's no telling what the day will hold, but as long as I can accomplish this little thing first day in the morning, I start off with a good start. This also includes drinking water and hygiene like brushing teeth (it can become easy to skip this when I don't have to go anywhere in the morning). I also drink supplements: Athletic Greens, cacao powder, matcha tea powder, and MCT oil.
  • Flossing has not been much of a habit I could stick to. But when I mark it off each night, I don't want to break the chain. I tried stopping recording this, and then I stopped flossing. So I had to put it back on my habit tracker. Current streak is 64 days.