Jan 18, 2023

Like winning a lottery

Like winning a lottery
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Nov 9, 2021
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Today, something amazing happened. I got a huge crypto "airdrop" of free tokens. In this case, it was because I had been participating in a decentralized exchange by providing liquidity to a couple of pools for 2.5 years.
When I was in Japan, I invested a large portion of my salary each month into crypto. Part of that went to this exchange. And this airdrop is worth more than a year's worth of that salary.
It feels like I won a lottery. It's not like I worked for this extra airdrop. However, I have spent many hours learning about and using crypto. So in a way, this is the payoff. Part of it was luck, as no one knew about this airdrop at the time. (Even the creators of the exchange didn't have plans for this yet.) But luck is a major part of any investment game. High-risk, high-reward. A lot of speculation is gambling. It paid off for me this time. And I am grateful.