Dec 13, 2021
I block ads on YouTube. Many people use adblockers. Which makes video sponsors more effective. When the video creator you follow talks about a product, you're more likely to trust it or try it out. That's how I found out about Huel. (Btw, I recently found an extension to block sponsored segments of YouTube videos.)
Huel is "human fuel". It's like a protein powder that's "nutritionally complete", making it more of a meal or snack replacement. The chocolate fudge brownie Complete Protein has satisfied my sweet tooth craving for a snack in the evenings. There's no sugar, which isn't good to consume before bed. Everything is also vegan and gluten-free.
Huel also offers a Hot & Savory line of products, which isn't all ground up into powder. Just add hot water and let it sit for a more meal-like dish. I always add it on top of rice. My favorite flavors are the Spicy Indian Curry and the Tomato & Herb. The Mexican Chili is pretty good too. I didn't care for the Yellow Curry (which has raisins. I don't like fruit in cooked food.) or the Green Thai Curry.
I'm a continued customer of Huel because it's so easy to prepare. I dislike the big chore of batch cooking. Huel is also tasty and healthy. I gained 15-20 pounds within a year of moving back to America from Japan. I easily dropped 5 pounds after using Huel for a couple months.
P.S. Here's my referral link to get $15 off a Huel order of $50