Maze Master

Dec 12, 2021
Maze Master
In this one blockchain-based MMO game I'm playing, we can own plots of NFT land and build on it with materials we gather. We can also rent out the land to other users who don't have land but want to play and build. One of the core features is community quests. Tonight, there was a huge maze quest. I was the first one to complete it, as well as set a speedrun record.
I also design my own mazes. I can only build on 1 plot of land (if you own multiple adjacent plots, you can build bigger things). So I made it as difficult as I could for 1 plot. Others tried it, some got lucky and finished quickly. Some gave up because it was too difficult. Most took awhile to figure it out. Everyone was impressed how difficult and twisty such a maze could be given the small size.
The maze I completed tonight took up 11 plots. The goal was to post a screenshot of your avatar in the finish area, which was on a plateau surrounded by a fence. The maze was underground, and had an opening up through the middle of the plateau. It couldn’t be reached by jumping from the lower ground around it. Funny story before the maze entrance opened up for everyone, I was exploring around a neighboring plot, jumped on some barrels, then on a roof, then on a taller roof, then on a tall pine tree, and then down into the plateau area. The maze creator was surprised to see me in the finish line area before he had even opened the maze! I gave my word on my honor as a maze master that I wouldn’t go inside and get a sense of the layout, and would start the maze blond along with everyone else. The creator messaged the neighbor who removed his tall trees.
It took me half an hour to complete the maze, and came in first place. Then it took me a couple hours to map out the correct route and ignore dead ends, so that I could practice speed running through it. I recorded video proof and got the special speed running prize, which was in-game cryptocurrency worth about $200. Getting paid to have fun is awesome!