5 extensions I regularly use to improve YouTube

Dec 14, 2021
5 extensions I regularly use to improve YouTube
  1. uBlock Origin
    1. Whenever I help someone on a computer, this is the first extension I recommend. This ad-blocker works everywhere, and is especially useful to block ads on YouTube. I made a tutorial video for this extension: https://youtu.be/CX1WhaD0nVo
  1. DF Tube (Distraction Free for YouTube)
    1. This extension lets you customize sections of YouTube to hide. I hate YouTube's algorithm recommending me videos everywhere (home, sidebar, end of video). Because while interesting, they often lead me down a rabbit hole and becomes a big time sink. I like to hide these sections, and only check my subscriptions page, so that I'm more intentional with what I watch. The comments can also be hidden for further distraction removal.
  1. Video Speed Controller
    1. YouTube lets you change speed, but this extension gives you more flexibility by letting you control speed change increments (like 0.1x at a time) and the range (from 0.07x to 16x). The keyboard shortcuts makes it easy to use. I like the super slow speed to pause on an exact frame to screenshot. And this works on most videos and audio on the web, not just YouTube.
  1. SponsorBlock for YouTube - Skip Sponsorships
    1. Some videos are sponsored, where the video creator talks about a product within their video. People report the timings of these sponsors, usually on more popular videos, and then this extension will mark that section in the video seek bar in green. It can also be set to automatically skip those sections. It also includes long intros and outros which may be on every video by a channel, which do not contain any content. This gets you to the content faster and saves time.
  1. Return YouTube Dislike
    1. Since YouTube disabled displaying the number of dislikes on videos, it's difficult to gauge how well videos are received before spending the time to watch yourself. This metric was useful for tutorial videos or how-to guides that don't explain what you'd expect. It would also help you avoid clickbait titles that lie. With this extension, it returns the dislike ratio.


  • BlockTube - lets you block specific videos, channels, or users that you don't want to see
  • ReClipped: Take notes on YouTube & MOOCs (I don't personally use this, but may be of use to some people)
  • NewPipe - Android app that lets you watch YouTube without ads or suggested videos
  • youtube-dl: Command-line program to download videos from YouTube and other video sites