Cheese Consumption

Jun 10, 2022
Cheese Consumption
When I was in Japan, I rarely ate cheese. After returning to America, I started eating it again. At first, it was just to satisfy the occasional craving. Now, I’ve been eating it everyday, almost every meal.
One of the turning points was when I started trying to eat more steamed broccoli. It was boring. So I decided to add cheese, as a part of temptation bundling. You could say it was too successful. I started eating more broccoli. But I also started adding cheese to other meals: rice, curry, Huel, nuts and hummus, eggs, salad, etc.
I recently recognized how this has gotten out of control. This is not the kind of diet I want for myself.
Right now, there’s no more cheese for me in the fridge. And I just removed “cheese” item from my grocery list.