Feb 8, 2022
I find zombies to be more gross than scary. I wouldn’t say I’m a big fan of the genre, though I have watched some media, namely:
  • The Last of Us - video game (watched a playthrough on YouTube)
  • I Am a Hero - Japanese movie
  • All of Us Are Dead - Korean drama (which I’m currently watching and prompted this ship it)
(I haven’t seen the popular Walking Dead TV show or Train to Busan Korean movie.)
Some of my thoughts about zombies:
  • Modern takes on apocalyptic literature where “the dead shall rise”
  • Humans are the apex predator. Or are viruses? Zombies combine the two, and make normal humans the hunted.
    • This taps into survival instincts and puts humans into extreme situations. It’s interesting to explore how human behavior changes under this kind of pressure.
  • Zombie stories are a bit sadistic by always making the main characters kill loved ones who get turned. Easy emotional manipulation of viewers.
    • They’re also an excuse to be excessively gory and violent with humans. Because zombies are technically not living humans, and destroying the undead is done in self-defense, it gets glorified as the correct thing to do within the story.
  • It’s strange how brains are the stereotypical food zombies want. It’s difficult to break through a living human’s cranium with a rotting jaw and hands to get to the good stuff.
  • Half-human, half-zombie hybrids with superpowers is a trope. But still cool.