LYT starting

Feb 7, 2022
LYT starting
The Linking Your Thinking course/workshop starts tomorrow. I’m excited!
I was impressed with the onboarding email sequence these past 7 days. They introduced the community forum just a little bit at a time so that it wasn’t overwhelming. Just one task a day, like posting an intro, updating profile bio, learning how to reply to other people, and getting assigned to a smaller-sized crew within the cohort. It would feel overwhelming if we had to do this all at once. It’s eat to get to know other community members before the course officially kicks off with its first live session.
I look forward not just to the content being taught, but also to experience the community interaction they have planned. Giving feedback and being accountable to only a group of 10-15 people is different from BASB and WOP. They tried a similar model before, but opted for a free-for-all of choosing mentors.
The community is always what sticks out the most to me in CBCs. Who knows, I may even become a LYT crew guide in future cohorts... That seems to be my pattern. If I really like a community, I try to take some kind of leadership role in it and give back.