WOP ending

Apr 7, 2022
WOP ending
Another Write of Passage cohort is over.
I didn’t do much this time. My main responsibility was to delegate steward editors to give feedback on student drafts. I set up a JavaScript automation that automatically assigned them as the posts populated the Airtable database. I set up some useful views to streamline their editing process. It went a lot smoother than last cohort. The editors did all the hard work of giving feedback. I did a few and planned to do more, but didn’t. (Ironically, one of the few I did give feedback on, that person contacted me to see if I would edit more articles after the course, with payment!)
I also did the gallery visualization of articles in Notion. That took an hour each week. All for a few seconds of presentation in the final live session.
The teacher and course manager mentioned they may need more help with this kind of backend, automation stuff in the summer, and I let them know that would be something I‘m definitely interested in!