End of one course, start of another

Apr 6, 2022
End of one course, start of another
I hosted an entire session for BASB this morning. It was more involved than previous mentor sessions. Because it lasted 1.5hrs instead of 1hr. And no breakout rooms. But the timing worked out very well, despite not having timed myself. I planned the basics of Roam and then how to capture from external sources into Roam. Followed by Q&A. Got good feedback about the session. Great thanks to the co-hosting moderators.
Right after, I had a meeting with a classmate from a previous improv class who wanted help from my computer coaching. This is the first client of mine completely unrelated to BASB students.
Then Write of Passage came to an end tonight. I’m a community steward in there, with the special role of Data Architect. My final job was to prepare a visual gallery of all published essays. And I got it turned in during the first breakout room time. David added it to his presentation slides so quickly, and was able to show everyone. I realized I messed up a Notion filter, meaning some of the articles appeared twice. But no one noticed. After the session ended, we had a staff after-party. Amazing stories and celebrations there. I’m going to have to take time and journal about it.
But after that, I had to work on my BASB recording from the morning. Edit the video, add chapter titles, then post links of resources and takeaways. I promised I would answer all questions in the chat that didn’t get answered during the session. That took longer than expected. But I got everything turned in.
2 heavy lifts today. And that’s going off of 3 hours of sleep. I was up late preparing, then woken in the middle of the night with worry or anxiety and couldn’t go back to sleep. I’m exhausted. I’ve got lots to do tomorrow, yet I’m too tired to go to bed, and keep distracted with youtube/tiktok videos. That doesn’t even make sense.