WHOOP follow up

May 17, 2022
WHOOP follow up
I’ve been using my WHOOP sleep and fitness tracker. It’s doing pretty well!
I like how it shows the time spent in each of the different stages of sleep. And it tells me when to go to bed based on wake up time, to get the full recovery necessary, based on previous strain from exercise.
Right now, the biggest thing that needs to be fixed is a consistent sleep schedule.
I thought it was going to be annoying wearing a band to bed, but it is minimal. The bulk can be flipped to the underside of my wrist to be more comfortable. For exercise, I have a bicep band, which keeps readings more accurate when my arm is moving a lot.
It also functions as an alarm, vibrating on my wrist. It can be set to wake me up at a specific time, or within a time range once I hit the maximum sleep needed.