Got a Chinese tutor

May 16, 2022
Got a Chinese tutor
Since using
, I’ve been practicing my language skills a bit more. However, my Chinese level is good enough to have conversations yet.
I came across a person that posted about teaching Chinese, one-on-one. She’s a college student, and the price per session was pretty low. I figured I might as well do it. Ever since stalling in my other Chinese course, I haven’t been making much progress. 1-on-1 seems to work well for my computer clients who need focused help. If anything, the individual attention is what I need to improve in the areas that need it most.
Last night was our trial session. I was able to refine my Chinese self-introduction, and also learned the words to explain what my family does. The lesson went better than I expected. I took lots of notes, and today I reviewed them.
We also tested that payments through PayPal in China would work.
We plan to continue meeting twice a week.