Twitter spaces - my impressions

Mar 23, 2022
Twitter spaces - my impressions
One of the people I’ve been coaching has recently started doing Twitter spaces, and has invited me to join. For me, it was an unexpected new medium to be a part of, not as a listener, but as a speaker.
I’m so used to Zoom meetings, and have to say that’s what I prefer. Since starting these ship its, I haven’t been active on Twitter.
Twitter spaces is audio only. This is great when you don’t feel visually presentable. They are also public, and your followers can see when you’re in one or hosting one, and can join.
I don’t know if I’m a fan of this kind of publicity. Usually when I meet new people, it’s over Zoom for a cohort-based course’s breakout room.
For an exchange of information, Zoom chat makes it easier to share links relevant to the discussion. On Twitter, you have to tweet the links publicly before sharing them to the space.
I also hate that I can’t speak in a Twitter space from my computer using my headphones and mic. I rarely use my phone for these kinds of live discussions, but that’s the only place Twitter spaces works for the full hosting/speaking features.
Beyond these technical limitations, Spaces are a pretty good way of sharing ideas and talking with people outside of my normal social circles.