Trying out a new podcast app

Jan 2, 2022
Trying out a new podcast app
So far, I’m impressed with this new podcast app. I learned of it from a Readwise update. It solves a pain point I had: capturing information from a podcast on Android (they’re also on iOS). My workflow has been:
  1. Hear a gold nugget of information
  1. Stop what I’m doing (walking, doing dishes, etc.)
  1. Rewind and replay
  1. Type out the note in another app, like Roam (where all my notes go) or Obsidian (for quick and offline mobile capture to be processed later)
  1. Rewind and replay to get the wording exactly. Keep doing so until I have it completely.
  1. Continue what I was doing while listening to the podcast
  1. Repeat, when I hear a new bit of information I want to save.
Often when I hear something I want to capture, I’ll stop listening to the podcast episode with the timestamp saved, and start listening to a new one. That way I can come back at a later time when I have more energy or focus to capture the note.
Snipd will let me easily capture the audio snippet, have it automatically transcribed into text, and then select the text portion containing the exact sentence I want to save. Then this automatically gets sent to Readwise, which can then get sent to Roam. It’s also added to Readwise’s daily reviews.
Not only that, but there’s a discover tab within Snipd to see popular snippets of other people. It’s a great way to learn new interesting bits of knowledge without listening to entire episodes.
I’m excited to join their Discord community which they just sent an email saying out saying will be ready next week. (I’ve been using Discord quite frequently in the past few months for crypto communities.)