Tearing up my room looking for missing item

Mar 12, 2022
Tearing up my room looking for missing item
Last October, I was working on a laptop, taking it apart, and replacing the hard drive. It’s been sitting on my “workbench” (table in my bedroom) since then. Yesterday, I decided to fix it up and put it away, since it wasn’t working as I expected.
I was going to put one of the hard drives into one of my external USB hard drive adapters. But I couldn’t find it! I know I had it last October. I started putting together an electronics inventory database in Notion, with photos of all my items. I had a picture of it! But the “storage location” field was left blank.
I couldn’t find it around my workbench area. I took out stuff from my drawers. I removed all the boxes in my closet and checked them, even though there would be no reason for it to be there. I checked suitcase pockets. I checked around my families’ devices. Funnily enough, today I found another hard drive adaptor stashed in one of my suitcases. But not the one I was looking for, which is the best one.
So I have 4 adapters and 4 hard drives, and I’m testing each of them. 2 of the cases don’t work. 1 of the hard drives didn’t work. My bedroom is a mess with everything strewn over. And I have no idea where this one case, which I just had a few months ago, could be.
I revamped my Notion inventory database to include any kind of item. I started taking photos to carefully document each item, with the location where I’m storing them. I figured I might as well, since I got everything out. If I put in this work now, it will be a lot easier for when I move.
I still have no idea where my missing adapter is. It’s like my memory has been wiped of the last time I used it.