Stuck in Chinese class

Apr 23, 2022
Stuck in Chinese class
I fell behind in my second Chinese course. I felt if I kept continuing watching the video lessons at the expected pace, I wouldn’t learn anything, because I had trouble remembering what I had just learned. I hadn’t been reviewing the new content. I also skipped the chapter exercises that were assigned. It was easier in the first course, because I had already learned everything, and it was a review. But now, the new stuff was overwhelming me, and I would have to put in a lot more time and effort to keep up.
I had first gone through the lessons 2-3 years ago. Then last year, they offered a cohort-based version of the online course, where we would meet twice a week with a native Chinese teacher.
Part of the problem, at least what I come up with as my excuse, is the flashcard system. Before, I was using the Anki app, which I had used for my Japanese studies before. But they upgraded the course and stopped offering the Anki version, using their own flashcard system on their website. It just didn’t give me the flexibility I wanted. My next step is to scrape these flashcards and put back into Anki, but this will take time, and mess up the review algorithms for already learned content. They keep making changes to their system, so it doesn’t work the way I’m used to.
But one good thing with all these changes is an all-in-one platform. The way things were, the content was spread across different platforms: Discord, Zoom, Google Classrooms, and the main website. Now, on the website will be all the practices and chapter assignments. This will make things much better for study. So now my current goal is to work there.