Gratitude vs Greed for Growth

Apr 22, 2022
Gratitude vs Greed for Growth
You may have heard about the psychological benefits of gratitude exercises, such as gratitude journaling or gratitude meditation.
This contemplative contentment keeps us mindful of things we often take for granted, and can boost our overall joy in life.
Gratitude is reflective, looking on our past and our present circumstances.
However, if we lived in a perpetual state of gratitude, there would not be much incentive to grow.
The idea of growth is future-oriented. It’s about becoming better, either by fixing a flaw or increasing a skill.
There is a desire to improve our circumstances, to yearn for more. Otherwise we would become stagnant and wither.
Greed is a powerful motivating force. It’s the vice that opposes the virtue of gratitude.
Consistent consumption is required to nourish us and keep us alive. To make us grow. Satisfaction is never permanent.
Greed in excess is destructive. Contentment to the extreme leads to inactivity. A fulfilling life is constantly shifting in between these two ends of the spectrum, phases at a time.