Jan 18, 2023

Ship Its - 6 week reflection

Ship Its - 6 week reflection
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Dec 4, 2021
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🧠 Second Brain
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I've been posting daily ship its for over 6 weeks now. Some people have told me that they enjoy reading them.
I had this thought tonight: what if I posted them to Twitter? My followers have been gradually increasing during this BASB cohort, even though I haven't been tweeting. Karaminder shared my Twitter with everyone in his mentor session today, and got even more followers.
Has it come time to start being more public with my writing? I could continue doing what I'm doing, and then simply take a screenshot to post to Twitter, which is similar to how Ship30for30 atomic essay images work. That way there is no pressure to super-condense my ideas into a tweetable format that fits the character limit. There's probably even some way to set up an automation with Zapier to post automatically on Twitter when I publish here in Notion.
My reason for being more public would be to let people more easily comment on what I write and share their ideas. At least it would make my Twitter profile more active. People follow me because they want to read what I write, right? Now that I've built up a consistent publishing habit, perhaps it's time to level up.