Apr 4, 2022

Renting full

Renting full
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Apr 4, 2022
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Follow up from yesterday:
Joining a gamer guild
I got all my renting slots filled up already! First time that happened. It really goes to show that being part of a group effort makes things easier. I didn’t have to personally find these scholars. And I can help out answering questions to more people who are within the guild, which now has over 100 members.
One thing that kind of bothers me is how others are treating this kind of like an employee/boss relationship. I expressed my concerns in the main game channel about this is turning into a grind-to-earn model, while the CEO wants it to be a: play-for-fun, with earning on the side model.
A deeper concern I have is that I’m participating in rent-seeking behavior.
Rent-seeking is the effort to increase one's share of existing wealth without creating new wealth.
Like, I’m taking advantage of people in poorer countries and earning from their playing for simply being rich enough to own land (or early enough to get the land in the original sale when it was a lot cheaper). With the enforced scarcity of limited video game land, this forces others to need to rent in order to play and earn.
The thing is, if people want to make a living off the game, they have to do the same few actions over and over. The game is still beta and only has limited features, which aren’t that gamey. It’s more point-and-click, wait-and-repeat, no skill required.
However, I am also in a way providing opportunities for others that wouldn’t normally have. I don’t have any rules about how often they can play. The guild has a bonus for those who earn above a certain threshold, which I would pay out of the earnings I received, to benefit those who grind more.
I also coded an extension that breaks down XP stats earned each day and shared it with the gaming community for free. I saw gamers in the guild sharing screenshots of their earnings using my tool. I don’t understand what they were typing in Tagalog, but it made me proud that they were finding my extension useful.