Joining a gamer guild

Apr 3, 2022
Joining a gamer guild
I’m writing about VulcanVerse again. It’s the game where I own NFT land and can earn money by playing. Right now, I play a minimum of half hour per day for the required upkeep. I’m “staking” my land, meaning I get rewards for locking up my crypto tokens in it. But unlike other crypto staking requirements, they made it so you have to earn and meet a threshold of experience points in the game to get the daily rewards. In addition to that, everyone who plays can earn some cryptocurrency. As of now, I only make a couple bucks each day. But things will be changing soon, and I’ll be making more.
I can also rent out my land to others, so that they can play for free, while sharing half of their earnings with me. As I earn XP and level up, I can rent my land out to more and more people. So there’s like 3 ways that I’m earning from the game. These new kind of play-and-earn games seem to be especially popular with players in the Philippines. They are able to play games all day and earn more than they would from a boring, full-time job. They may not be able to afford land, so they benefit the land owners who rent out to them.
Today, someone asked me to join their Discord server as one of the few land owners, because he’s recruiting players to rent them. This benefits me so that I don’t have to out seeking players. And players benefit from being in a guild like this, with additional bonuses available.
Joining this guild, it feels like I’m part of something bigger than myself. In a way, I’m giving opportunities for others to make a fun living while getting rewarded in return.
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