Pausing Ship Its. Anki.

Jun 21, 2022
Pausing Ship Its. Anki.
My LA trip broke my ship its streak.
Instead of keeping to the “don’t miss 2 days in a row” rule, I let it slide. I don’t feel like going back and writing for all the days I missed. It’s been nice not writing.
Perhaps not having an audience for these has made me lose motivation. (Though having an audience would have caused too much pressure.)
These ship its started as an experiment, to be consistent.
But I don’t feel I’m outputting much value.
What I want to do now is to focus on memory and recall. I take a lot of notes, but have not developed a good system for reviewing them.
I thought these ship its would be good, to distill ideas. But ultimately, it seemed more like regurgitation, without chewing and mulling over the ideas properly first.
So back to Anki it is.
Anki is a digital flashcard app. I used it a lot when I started studying Japanese.
Now, I want to use it more for my notes. I’ve tried this in the past without much consistency. So now, I’d like to convert my writing consistency to reviewing consistency.
I’m often resistant to revisiting my past notes. I don’t know why. Like there’s a fear they won’t spark the same resonance as when I first wrote them down.
But there’s the HQ&A method of turning notes into questions with answers that I want to incorporate.
So I will experiment more with this now.
After 240 days of writing consecutive ship its (about 8 months), I’m no longer committing to writing them daily. That’s not to say I’m stopping completely. But I feel it’s time to “recharge” my knowledge, to stop consuming so much without much to show for it, and to stop grasping to output unrefined thoughts.