Notion update

Mar 15, 2022
Notion update
Notion just released a huge update about their databases. I’ve already implemented some of these changes for my Ship Its. If you’re on a non-mobile browser, you should see a row at the top of the database labeled by month.
This will make the page lighter to load in gallery view—only one month at a time.
I also added an All view. Now, you have the power to filter or sort as you choose! Maybe you want to see posts by a certain tag, or ascending date.
Here are first my impressions.


  • Easier to see a list of views
  • Easier to adjust sort and filter options
  • Anyone can adjust views without it saving
  • Option to save as new view when changes are made
  • Filter by date now lets me input the date by text. (Before, I had to click back month by month to filter previous years.)
  • Can copy views to other places within Notion


  • When I try to rename a view and drag my cursor off the the popup, it deselects.
  • I was just teaching a client yesterday how to use Notion databases, and now they changed things up.
So far, I’m liking this update.
Now, if only Notion would fix the keyboard text navigation they partially broke in an update a couple months back...