Nightly Checklist

May 3, 2022
Nightly Checklist
These are the things I want to do every night, to go to bed without any digital clutter. It’s been a month since I’ve done this and things have piled up. I caught up today, and hopefully will stay on top of this.
Fill water bottle
My goal is to hydrate in the morning as soon as possible.
Clean up the day's Obsidian's Unsorted notes
This is my inbox of notes. I make sure they’re tagged appropriately and then dragged into the correct folder.
Clear all Desktop icons
This is where all my browser downloads go, and also active media work files. It’s nice to log in to my computer with the desktop completely cleared.
Clear all browser tabs (to, both PC and phone)
Because open tabs weigh on my mind.
Clear all open Notepad++ files
This is my quick notes app on Windows. So easy to open. Trying to get in the habit of using Obsidian for this instead.