My first improv class

Jan 18, 2022
My first improv class
As mentioned in my New Year goals, I’ve decided to take improv classes. Tonight was my first beginner’s class. I didn’t know what to expect, but it turned out fun! It was a little awkward at first. In a group of 12, there was no order, so we had to speak up during the exercises. We also did breakout rooms of 3 people to practice some of the exercises.

What I learned

Improv is all about making stuff up.

Rules of Improv

  1. Listen
    1. Everything in improv is what the previous person said.
      If you listen, it gives you everything you need. You don't need to think of something to say out of the blue.
  1. Yes, and...
    1. Anything that is said is considered true for the scene. Build on it, don’t contradict it.
      Only in improv do you have to accept and agree to what the other person said.
      No "I hear you, but..."s
      It's about letting go of control.
  1. Trust and support
    1. Trust your instincts about what to say next.
      Trust your scene partner and support them.
      Trust the process.
  1. Assume
    1. Make statements.
      Don’t ask questions or say “I don’t know”
      Assume you know the answer, even though no one knows the answer of what comes next.

Exercises we did

  • Word Association
    • Start with a word. Take turns saying the first word that comes to your mind based on the last word someone said
  • Yes, and...
    • Start with a statement. Take turns saying “Yes” and repeating the previous statement, then say “and” and add something to the story.
  • Scene
    • 2 people are given the type of relationship they have and the location where they are. They take turns acting out and adding to the story.
Here’s the scene that I did with a partner:
We got a couple comments:
  • my house every day.
  • That was so funny