How to relive high school

Jan 17, 2022
How to relive high school
Yesterday, I talked about a guilty pleasure of watching a high school romance TV series.
I also recently watched another Japanese movie (Tokyo Revengers) where the main guy time leaps back a decade in time to his high school days (basically just his consciousness time travels back to his younger body) to make courageous decisions to fix some mistakes and regrets that affect his current life.
Watching these make me wish I could go back to my high school days with my current knowledge and self-improvement mindset and live differently with less regrets. What’s the closest way to do this in reality? I think that might be one of the reasons people have children. It’s a way to make up for our own pasts and pass on the wisdom we have learned. Having someone benefit from our experiences makes our lessons and regrets seem more meaningful. Someone else could learn from them and have a better life. (Of course, it’s important to give children the freedom to learn things for themselves, and not selfishly use them as proxies to live vicariously.)
Another way of coming close to reliving the past relates to one of my new year’s goals. Every day I have been contacting an old friend, classmate, or coursemate to reconnect. I’ve made a list of high school friends and classmates who I am in the process of reaching out to. If they reply, I can share some things of how I’m different now, or say things I couldn’t before. For examples, confessing a crush, or apologizing to people I wasn’t nice to, or encourage them with how I’ve changed from being anti-social to someone trying to care more for others.