Improv over

Feb 28, 2022
Improv over
My improv classes are over. Tonight was the final one. I took 2 beginner courses from different schools at the same time. I wanted to get an intense introduction to improv from different perspectives.
Overall, I found it both fun and not fun.
The not fun aspect was about getting outside my comfort zone. I enjoyed the first few weeks. After that, I didn’t look forward to class. They were at night, so I was drained from the drain. Improv is hard work, getting the creative juices flowing, and trying to hold so many things in your head at the same time: your emotion, the situation, the relationship with the other person, making connections on the fly of how to continue the story from parts that were already spun out of thin air, etc.
The fun aspect was feeling more child-like, trying to have a good time, making others laugh, and not caring about embarrassing myself. In one class, I hosted practice sessions where I got to meet with classmates outside of class and go over what we had learned. This may continue beyond the class.
I’m glad I took them. That’s something I can check off my bucket list. I’m also glad they’re over. Improv is something that I’m not currently ready to dive deeper into with higher level classes, but is something that I’ll maintain an interest in, and always have the opportunity to retake beginner classes just to keep me on my toes.