Found missing item, cleaned up room

Apr 17, 2022
Found missing item, cleaned up room
The past few days I’ve finally started cleaning up my room after taking everything out, looking for my hard drive adapter. Since everything was out, I decided to take photos and inventory all my belongings, so that I when I move out or travel or lose something again, I can easily find a virtual copy in my second brain, marking its location.


Missing this item has been bugging me for over a month. Today, I was photographing the final objects that were out, because I was tired of my room not being neat like it used to. I took the unused yoga mat that was standing in the corner to take a photo, and my hard drive adapter fell out. There it was, the item that started this whole project! It must have fallen into the fold of the yoga mat from the table where I had placed it. Finally!
Now I have everything put back into its place. I even rearranged some boxes in my closet so they fit better and gave me more room. I threw out some packaging and broken accessories. I now have photos of all my item, roughly sorted by folder. I haven’t put them into Notion or Obsidian yet (still haven’t figured out which tool would be better, though I’ve started labeling everything in Notion databases).
I feel lighter, and think things will be easier to focus on now. A messy room causes a mental burden. I distracted myself with the digital world to escape my physical space.
I do have to wonder if it would have been better to just order another adapter online. The time it would have saved, and the cost may have been worth enduring the mess. There is a scarcity mindset going on where I just have to find the one object that I was baffled about where it went. Almost like it put my life on pause to some extent. But it’s not like I needed it for anything important, since I have other hard drive adapters (not as good). Perfectionism at play.
Anyways, all good now. Even better than before.