“Famous” image coincidence - Pale Blue Dot

May 28, 2022
“Famous” image coincidence - Pale Blue Dot
notion image
This story happened May 23, 2022.
I was watching Nick Milo’s lessons on LYT Kit 6.
He had a banner of this image in his Home dashboard. He said: ”I'm curious if anyone knows what this image is. It's a very famous image.”
I didn’t recognize it. To me, it looked like a digital image of colored gradients. I thought it was stupid that a piece of “art” like this became famous.
Later that night, I was scrolling through the timeline on
, and came across this Moment:
notion image
It was the same image, but fuller, and with an arrow pointing to a tiny spot on the image that I didn’t notice before.
It turns out it wasn’t a piece of art, but a space probe photograph of Earth from a very long distance away.
I felt stupid for judging it after I understood the significance.
This is what Carl Sagan called a Pale Blue Dot.