Creator Coop

May 27, 2022
Creator Coop
Two years ago after my first Write of Passage cohort, a group of people started a Creator Coop. This was led by Jon Hillis. It was for people who quit their jobs (or didn’t have a job) and wanted to support themselves by creating their own content. We had weekly Zoom sessions to meet and hold each other accountable. The “creations” included a speaking course, a coffee brand, open-source coding with sponsorships, a clothing line, and NFT art. It was during this time I was trying to figure what I wanted to do, which turned into second brain coaching and a weekly review community.
One time, I was running weekly reviews. I sent the wrong Zoom link to someone who was interested, and she joined our creator coop meeting. After realizing the mistake, she left. I contacted her after, apologizing, and offering to meet one-on-one to make up for it. She turned out to be my first client, and we’ve been meeting 3 times a week since then.
The biggest creation that came out of the Creator Coop was Creator Cabins, by the “founder”. The coop dissolved, and the cabins became the thing. It’s an experiment in decentralized cities, using physical locations and a DAO.
Yesterday was the 1-year anniversary of the community. There was a Twitter space reminiscing about the coop and how everything got started and came together. It was amazing to relive those memories and talk with people to see what’s been going on.