Community in Crypto Games

Dec 20, 2021
Community in Crypto Games
Today there was an AMA (Ask Me Anything) by a CEO of a crypto game company that got hacked last week. He answered many of the pressing questions people had for next steps.
As an OG community member (was part of the original sale a year ago), I was helping answer questions of new people coming into the Discord wondering what’s going on.
I had another call while the AMA was going on this morning, so I recorded it, then went out for a walk to listen to it. I took notes of the main points in Obsidian on my phone. Then I formatted it and posted my notes into the Discord server. It was well-received. People could get a distilled version of the most important details without having to listen the 40-minute audio.
Someone copy-pasted my notes into the Telegram group, then someone copied-pasted that into the general channel of the Discord server, which one of the mods pinned for everyone to see. (I had posted my notes in the help channel.) It’s funny how quickly it got spread around and then came back to almost the original source.
Now that I’m not busy with online courses or coaching, I find myself spending most of my time hanging out in these Discord communities, helping out by answering questions about the game (like what I did in Circle for the online courses I took), and keeping up-to-date with all the news and details.
It’s kind of addicting, but also fun, and doesn’t feel like work. It doesn’t feel “productive”. I wonder if one of the next steps in my life journey in 2022 is to be some kind of crypto/game community moderator. It beats trying to constantly find coaching clients or building out my own community...