BASB14 Over

May 13, 2022
BASB14 Over
Cohort 14 of Building A Second Brain is over. From the second week, I stopped attending live sessions and mentor sessions. I was still active on Circle, helping students and answering questions. But the thrill of a cohort-based course has worn out. I get bored with repeated information. This was my fifth time through. The amount of time required to extract new useful bits of information has decreased. Perhaps I’m suffering a longer form of CBC fatigue. It’s no longer novel. So it doesn’t hold my attention as much. I already accomplished my goal of becoming a mentor. It’s not really something I want to keep doing on a continual basis. I enjoyed the moderating role. But I was put in the Roam position. I’ve lost interest in Roam, and others are losing interest, too. (See:
Migrating from Roam to Obsidian
I look forward to the BASB book launch party in June.