Write of Passage has started again

Mar 3, 2022
Write of Passage has started again
This time I’ll be taking on a role that isn’t so much about writing. I’m a “data architect”, meaning I help set up a database workflow for community steward editors to leave feedback on student article drafts. I’ll also be in charge of creating visualizations of students’ published works.
Today, I partially led a Zoom session for the stewards explaining how to use the Airtable database that’s set up to collect new draft posts automatically. I coded an algorithm where the stewards are automatically assigned to drafts to leave feedback on. They can easily mark the feedback status of an article. I’ll also be in charge of delegation, making sure they get an even workload of the time-consuming effort of leaving quality feedback.
I’ll also hop in and give feedback when we’re under pressure. We have a deadline to catch up on feedback each week.
I’m already enjoying this role a lot. It’s the techy behind-the-scenes role. It’s not often I get to use my JavaScript skills to serve a cohort-based community.