Weak knee

Mar 21, 2022
Weak knee
Yesterday, I was playing tennis with my brother. After about 2 hours, my legs were beginning to get tired. Suddenly, my right knee collapsed and went down. It’s not like I tore anything. It just gave out and buckled. It hurt a little, but only a kind of soreness from being tired. Before I could get up and walk, it felt like it needed a rest to recharge.
My legs get weak like that whenever I exercise for a long time, like jogging for an hour, or hiking up and down a mountain.
It’s always my right knee that seems weaker. I wonder if it has to do with the way I stand. Before getting a topomat for my standing “desk” for my computer, I would often put most of my weight on one leg, and cross my legs as I stand.
Maybe this happens because I don’t get enough exercise. So when I exert a lot in a time period, that happens to my leg muscles.
I got a swimming pass for the community pool this summer. So I’ll be working out more without bodily impact.