Trouble focusing

Feb 4, 2022
Trouble focusing
I started reading Indistractable months ago. It’s great. Short chapters. Full of informational gold nuggets. Then I got distracted by other books. This one is still unfinished.
I’m having trouble focusing on monotasks. Always have. That’s not true. I can focus on one thing. I have before. It just depends what it is.
For example: video games, programming, building legos, writing long arguments on social media, watching movies.
It’s other stuff that I have trouble with: any kind of homework (currently Chinese), writing blog articles, working on client projects, organizing my hard drive, self-paced courses.
What’s the difference? Fun. Fun is needed to be motivated to put in effort. Focus by itself is boring. Feels like a waste of time. Fear of failure and imperfection.
Jealous of workaholics. Seems they have no trouble focusing. Although they are on the other extreme. How to hit a balance?