Jan 18, 2023

That time I got lost in the woods

That time I got lost in the woods
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Dec 16, 2021
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There was a wilderness park that was a 5-minute drive away. I spontaneously went for a hike one day. Left my cell phone in the car. I was craving some adventure. So on one of the trails, I ducked under a barbed wire fence. I found a clearing that was more of a trash dump: with tires, cans, and other miscellaneous stuff. I walked a bit further, trying to map things out in my head. It started sprinkling. So I decided to turn back. But I couldn't find the dump again, which would give me a straight shot back to the trail. So I kept wandering. I started to feel uneasy. I was actually lost. I had no idea how big these woods were, or how long it would to walk across. I didn't have my phone, so the only thing I could do is keep trudging on. Eventually I came to a dirt road. I followed it. It eventually led to a gate with "trespassers will be shot" signs. I turned around. I followed the road back, and found the main road, just a little bit down from the park entrance. I was wandering around private land. Made my way back to the car and determined never to do that again.