Tag every note with a type

Feb 24, 2022
Tag every note with a type
Going through the Linking Your Thinking workshop, I’m realizing that to cut down on my confusion, I should tag every note with a type.
Obsidian allows for nested tags. So when I create a new note in the morning right after waking, I’ll tag it as #type/journal/dream. If I’m taking notes on an article or podcast, I’ll tag it as #type/book or #type/podcast-episode (#type/podcast is a series).
Live sessions or meetings get tagged as #type/live-session.
If it’s a note about a concept, like “confirmation bias”, then it will be #type/concept.
If it’s a “Map of Content”, then it’s #type/moc (or #type/hub since this is how I prefer to call them).
Other tags:
  • #type/course
    • #type/course/cohort - for individual “semesters” of a course
  • #type/person - if its the name of someone
  • #type/daily-note - for automatically generated daily notes
Each note has a type, and explicitly labeling it as it is makes it easier to figure out what to put on it and how to link it to other notes. With Dataview, I can create automated lists based on the tag. So if I want all my live session notes listed on a course page, I can include something like this:
```dataview LIST FROM #live-session and [[LYT7]] SORT file.name ASCENDING ```
This was a little epiphany that I had last night. I had thought of doing this before for Roam, but felt it was too much.
I wonder if it would be better to put this in the frontmatter...