Ship It Intro

Oct 19, 2021
Ship It Intro
I am starting to publish short pieces of writing called Ship Its. This is inspired by Jen Vermet. We were in Write of Passage Cohort 5 last year. We formed a small writing group with one other person after the cohort, which lasted for a couple months. Jen has been a WOP mentor for the past 2 cohorts.
I made the decision last night to start writing daily Ship Its. I have been considering doing this for awhile now, about a year, since I met Jen. Then today, I had a coaching call with Zulma Cadena about content creation. I set a goal to ship everyday for at least the next 2 weeks, and message her after I publish each day to stay accountable.
I already have a habit of daily journaling. The point with these Ship Its is to put my writing out publicly. They will be like 250-word atomic essays, and could be as short as a single tweet. I have tried doing this on Twitter without much success (which I will explore more in tomorrow's Ship It). Basically, I think I need an even lower stakes place that not many people know about, in order to get into the habit of consistent publishing. This is technically public, but functionally private (at least for now). Anyone could find the link to here from my website. But I doubt anyone would be interested/obsessed enough to check here everyday. These aren't indexed by Google, either.
Topics will vary. It's basically a public journal. Posts may be a seed to a longer form of content creation.