Second brain skills applied to game quest

Mar 5, 2022
Second brain skills applied to game quest
Today there was another VulcanVerse community quest. This time, the goal was to count the number of barrels hidden in a large underground labyrinth.
It was pretty confusing with multiple passageways and forks. I combed over the place a few times to get a grasp of where everything was.
In Notion, I created a database. I labelled every alley and room and attached screenshots of every barrel or group of barrels that I found. The count field automatically summed up the total. I counted 149 barrels.
When the competition was over, the total amount was announced as 147, two less than what I got. I shared my database with the creator to double-check. It turned out I had missed another 2 barrels, meaning the total was actually 151. The creator announced the correction, and I got a crypto prize for being one of the closest guessers (worth about $30).
Here’s my database:
Barrels of Fun