Oct 22, 2021
Today I watched: They Finally Made a Perfect Camera. They tested the camera while riding electric "skateboards" that have one large wheel in the middle in the board. Someone in the comments remarked: "I swear these guys have done more for one-wheel's marketing than the actual company has." That was how I learned the actual name of the vehicle and company.
Onewheel offers 2 models, a lite version for $950 and a heavy-duty one for $1800. A bit expensive for me, but I would say reasonably priced. Of course, there is a greedy desire that wants to mimic what I saw. I checked out some other videos, like a skateboarder learning to use one, and it seems pretty easy to ride, while sub-par tricks need a bit of practice (on the order of hundreds of miles of experience).
Here are my considerations before even considering if it's worth the cost of purchasing this shiny, new toy:
  • Extra cost with accessories - a charging stand, protective gear like a helmet, place in garage
  • Would I be comfortable with the attention it would draw to myself?
    • If not, then I wouldn't be likely to actually use it
    • If so, is the main reason I would want it is to show off, or would it mainly serve a practical purpose (get outdoors, transportation between point A and point B, ...)
  • Says it's all-terrain. Videos show it works on gravel and dirt paths.
    • In my area there are hiking trails. Would it work well on them, or is mountain trails too steep for it? Imagine the battery running out and having to lug it back...
    • It will soon be winter. Would it work as transportation in the snow?
      • According to this video, it works in snow that's not higher than the wheel. But the battery life is significantly shortened in the cold.
      • I would need additional winter wear, like water-proof boots and a wind jacket. I did without these last year.
  • If used for transportation, say to tennis lessons or grocery store, where would I store it?
    • Saw one video where they took it in with them on the shopping cart.
  • Would it actually get me outdoors more, or would it be a hassle to maintain? (keep it charged, take up space in garage, ...)