My top 5 Obsidian community plugins

May 5, 2022
My top 5 Obsidian community plugins

Image Toolkit

This gives a more advanced image preview. When you add screenshots to an Obsidian note, it does not show full size. Image Toolkit lets you click on an image and zoom in.


This is Obsidian’s version of Roam42’s SmartBlocks. It gives more customizability for setting up templates. I mostly use it to choose the place for the text cursor to go when a template is called. And to add time zone data to a time.


I probably would not stick with Obsidian if it weren’t for this advanced querying. I mainly use this to automatically list all sessions from a specific course on the course’s main hub note, and sort them by date.

Sliding Panes

This is for those who open multiple notes at once. In default Obsidian, when new panes are opened, it shrinks all of them. Things get unreadable with only 4-5 open. This keeps them all a uniform width while scrolling horizontally between panes.

Filename Heading Sync

One of the side effects of Sliding Panes is that the file name gets put sideways. This plugin will automatically add an H1 header to the top of the note that reflects the file name. When the name in the header is changed, it updates the sideways file name automatically.