My first full-length interview

Jan 20, 2022
My first full-length interview
Ever since getting into Building A Second Brain, I’ve imagined myself producing multimedia content and being interviewed on other people’s podcasts. I’m not sure if that kind of life is for me. But I suppose if it is, this is a good start.
Reid Garcia reached out to me with suggestions for my Roam2Github Backup Guide. After reading some of my Ship Its, he sent me another email with his takeaways, and asked to do a video call with me. We had a good talk, shared resources, and discussed our future plans. Then he asked if I would be interested in appearing as a guest on his weekday morning live show. I agreed. It was livestreamed this morning on his Helpful For Life YouTube channel. Here’s the recording:
Video preview
I’m on for about 45 minutes starting near the 11:00 timestamp.

Resources I mentioned:

  • Readwise - tool to automate highlight collection, daily review, and export to note-taking apps
  • Airr and Snipd - podcast apps that let you clip snippets and import to Readwise

Overall, it was a great experience. I was nervous about it, and I had to get up extra early for it. But it went smoothly. I even had my friend/fan Alessandra White tuning in, which was amazing to feel supported!