Jan 18, 2023

Managing my code

Managing my code
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Mar 8, 2022
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Coding is one of my hobbies that drops me right into flow. But it’s mentally intense. One of the causes of resistance to getting started or completing a coding project is my poor management of my code.
I may want to do something similar to what I’ve done before, but I seem to start from scratch every time. This is because I don’t remember how to find what I did before. My code is scattered across multiple locations: primary hard drive, desktop archives, secondary hard drive, cloud drive, Notion, Roam, GitHub, and browser userscripts.
What I need is a single source for my code. I tried doing this with Google Drive. But some of my code requires dependencies that end up with thousands of tiny files that take forever to sync. And these get duplicated for each project that uses them.
I think GitHub is the solution. It can be set to ignore these dependencies, while keeping them on my local system. I just need to get in the habit of committing to GitHub more often.
Tonight, I went through all my GItHub repositories, deleting and archiving unused ones, and making a Notion table database describing what each one does. I think my next step is to create one repo and stick all my code there, and catalogue them in a Notion database for easy tagging, sorting, and filtering.
Slowly but surely, I’ll move all my scattered code into this one place, categorized and dated.