Lucid Dreaming

Jan 27, 2022
Lucid Dreaming
I remember getting into lucid dreaming in college. I felt like it was a superpower to be able to control your own dreams at night.
A couple of them stand out vividly:
  • I was in a lightsaber battle with Darth Vader, and I turned him into goat and he ran away.
  • I broke into a Walmart at night and started stealing as much as I can, knowing that it was a dream and I wouldn’t get in trouble.
I even did a speech in a college speaking class about lucid dreaming. I explained what it was about and ways to induce them. On one of my presentation slides, I showed a dream sign I had created, which was the letter A in an alien game language. Then I handed out the symbol printed on 3x5 cards to everyone. The idea was to check it a few times a day in real life so that it becomes a habit. Then when I check it in a dream and it looks different, then I could know I was dreaming. It didn’t actually work (probably because I wasn’t consistent in checking it throughout the day)
The letter A in a cool-looking alien font from C&C3 game.
The letter A in a cool-looking alien font from C&C3 game.
One of the YouTube creators I was following held a contest for people to record a video explaining a superpower they wish they had. I did it. I made up a superpower called Dreamality Synthesis. It’s basically lucid dreaming at will, with dream worlds so vivid, it feels realer than real life, yet fantastical in the unlimited things you cold do in them. It’s so cringey watching my recording of that, because of poor video quality, I’m awkwardly reading from a script, and my desire to escape reality is apparent.
(description from my now private video)
Dreamality is the combination of 'dream' and 'reality', while Synthesis is 'the process of combining objects or ideas into a complex whole' (which is done to the words dream and reality, as well as what happens when using your imagination to create a dreamality)
The closest humans can come to achieving Dreamality Synthesis in real life is lucid dreaming and dream control. The reason Dreamality Synthesis is a super power is you can fall asleep and dream on command, as well as pause and wake up. Also, the dream reality that's created is realistic and much more detailed, and can be anything you want.
Later on, I gave up on trying to force lucid dreams because it isn’t relaxing. When cool or funny scenarios happened, I would tell them to my friends. It got to the point where during some dreams, I would think I need to remember this so I can recount to a friend. Soon after, I started keeping a regular dream journal. Each morning, I would try writing down everything I could remember from my dreams. This is to work out my brain in the morning. I’m not into dream interpretation, but it’s interesting to connect what happens in my dreams with influences from things that happened the day before. Mostly I do it to capture the crazy stories that happen. Because of the journal, I become semi-lucid more often trying to make note of what’s happening so I can write it down after I wake up. One time, I was even journaling the dream in Roam while dreaming! It was disappointing to wake up thinking I had it saved the dream but it wasn’t. I really wished for some kind of brain interface that would allow me access and write to my digital second brain while in a dream.